BSA and Hercules Cycles Selected as Superbrands for the year 2011 - 12
We are happy to announce that both BSA & Hercules, have been selected as Superbrands for the year 2011-12. Superbrands is a global organisation dedicated to recognise, showcase and pay tribute to the best brands in each country. It has come to be acknowledged as a prestigious selection. For the fourth edition of Consumer Superbrands, BSA and Hercules form a very exclusive group of winners selected first by the consumer and then by an independent Superbrands Council comprised of the most eminent professionals from India’s corporate sector. This powerful endorsement provides evidence of your brands’ exceptional status for existing and potential customers in India and overseas, dealers, the media, suppliers, joint venture partners, investors, financial institutions, members of your board, shareholders and even present and future employees.

Superbrands has a rigorous two step selection process which takes almost five months. As mentioned earlier, first the consumer and then the Superbrands council members do the selection. The council members consist of very eminent company heads who know what it takes to build successful brands (their names are given at the end). For this edition, 19,011 people participated in the exercise. More than 1.10 million scores were registered. Each participant gave scores between 10 (highest) and 1 (lowest). Average scores of 6 and above qualified the brand to be short listed. All below that were ignored.

Companies that had passed the consumer’s scrutiny were then subjected to the evaluation of the Superbrands Council. Only about 15% from the original list of 1734 nationally present brands that they started off with have qualified. Participation in Superbrands is strictly by invitation. If the Council and consumers have not selected a brand, it just cannot participate. Hence Superbrands has proved to be extremely valuable in every country it exists.